31 Jan

Two months without a loss can really put the old championship dreams back on the team menu.

“We feel confident heading into the playoffs,” explains Antipasto chief Steven Biondi in a blunt, matter-of-fact email. “We feel we can only be beaten if we loose focus and move away from our style of play.”

A pair of significant back-to-back wins against La Famiglia and Pay Per View has left the third-place team just one point shy of Acta Santorum, the last team to beat Biondi and friends. In fact, if it weren’t for a pair of losses to kick off the season, Antipasto would be exactly where they feel they deserve to be: sitting at the top of the C2 Division food chain.

POTG: “Joseph Di Lalla is a big reason for Antipasto’s success. He scores important goals at important times to help close out games.”

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