Fc visionaries
18 Jan

Never underestimate the frustrating power of a volunteer backup keeper and the defenders committed to defending him.

“They obviously knew goalie was not my real position, so they tried shooting from pretty much any angle,” explains FC Visionaries captain Emanuel Lucia. “They got two goals on lucky bounces before Mehdi Belakehal saved us with a screamer of a volley, with five minute left in the game.”

The FC Visionaries’ 3-2 win over the previously undefeated Piranhas ETS means there are now less than three points separating the top four teams.

“It’s fun to see the level has gone up considerably with the addition of the A Division,” continues Lucia. He points out some of his players are former professionals and almost all have been playing together since they were eight years old. “I strongly believe we our contenders for the title, although every game is uncertain and competitive.”

POTG: “We were lucky enough to get two early goals by Eloi Poudrier. Than we sat back and defended perfectly, leaving them no real chances.”

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