Compulsive calcio
14 Jan

Only in a division as competitive as Laval’s C1 would an undefeated team still find itself shut out of first.

“We managed to play our best game of the season,” declares Compulsive Calcio front man Gianni Molinaro, his team’s eventual 4-1 win over San Marino still leaving them three points off the mark. “We got a red card at the start of the game and had to play a man down for 45 minutes. Next week, we play first place Albania. It’ll be a very intense game.”

To be sure, this motley crew of high school buddies knows a thing or two about winning big games at opportune moments. And despite losing a pair of key players to injury, they’ve still got a championship to defend.

“It’s been a great start of the season. We won it last year with the same group of guys and are hoping to continue the streak.”

POTG: Jonathan Cipollone has been Compulsive Calcio’s most prolific and consistent striker, netting another two in this latest win.

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