08 Jan

In their short and sweet winter, the Ninjas have learned that even victories can leave a bitter taste.

“While the final result was satisfactory, we didn’t play the kind of defensive match we would have liked to,” explains Joannie Bourque following a 6-3 victory over struggling FC Boreal. “There were too many times during the match where counter-attacks almost came back to bite us.”

But then maybe it’s just easy to be picky when you are rolling. At 6-1-1, the Ninjas remain in the thick of one of the tightest division races in Laval, with seven points separating the top eight teams in the FB2 Division.

“What makes our team unique is that we’ve known and played together for a really long time. And as far as all that goes, we’re aiming for nothing less than the top of the division!”

POTG: Sending a quick shout out to her top striker St├ęphanie Moffatt, Bourque praises keeper Linecia Charles for the team’s success. “We know we can always count on her. She’s consistent and finds a way to make key saves in every game.”

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