Fc moris
27 Dec

Rather than spend their winters longing for their tropical island homeland, childhood friends Joshua Parboo and Ashwin Samul sought to replicate it on the pitch.

“We decided to build up a team of all Mauritian players and then added some important pieces to that puzzle,” explains Parboo of league newcomers FC Moris. “Team chemistry and always fighting for victory on the field is what keeps us going week in and week out.”

You might say FC Moris are adapting to life in landlocked Brossard just fine. In fact, were it not for an early season loss to the undefeated B Division heads, Parboo might already have greener pastures in his sights.

“I got to take my hat off to FC Dale Weise – they are an outstanding team. When we play back against them again, we will need to finish our chances. That’s what we lacked when we lost 1-0.”

POTG: “Our captain and central defender Ashwin Samul always keeps the team going, motivating all the players on the field. He has great leadership.”

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