13 Dec

Tutto Per Uno have become so domineering as of late, they almost forgot what it felt like to have an opponent actually fight back.

“This was the first time in six games that we were actually tied,” explains captain Nico Lanni, singing the praises of a very good Red Stars Club they eventually managed to beat 4-1. “We battled back and came out with a very impressive victory.”

Now plus-37 with less than one goal allowed per game, Tutto Per Uno remain chest, head and shoulders above the B4 Division competition. This coming week, it will be the turn of the BSC Young Boys to try where FC Fabrose and the Red Stars have failed. But as far as Lanni and company are concerned, there may be more collective pain ahead.

“We’re 6-0 and still have plenty more to show. Our chemistry is very strong, and will continue to grow.”

POTG: “We have been playing together since high school. And unlike other teams, we do not rely on one superstar player, which is a huge advantage.”

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