Fc fusion
11 Dec

Undefeated Repentigny got a rude awakening mere minutes into their most important and bruising regular season game yet.

“The beginning of the game actually ended up being the turning point,” explains opposing FC Fusion captain Josie-Anne Labrosse. “Scoring early allowed us to impose our rhythm on the game. We knew FC Repentigny was a good team and we were mentally and physically ready for them.”

When it was all said and done, second-seed FC Fusion had managed to walk away with a 7-0 shutout win, tarnishing Repentigny’s stellar defensive record and cutting into their FA Division lead with plenty of soccer to go.

POTG: Virginie Villeneuve’s hat trick aside, Labrosse was adamant in maintaining that “this win was a group effort and every player was key.”

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