09 Dec

No disrespect to FC Degens and company, but Chacals may have been looking hoping to get a little more bang for their C Division buck.

“To be honest, we were expecting to play in the second division,” explains captain Marc-Antoine Beauchemin, simply glossing over a 9-3 victory against FC Degens this week. “We know the guys from FC Dale Weise – we’ve been playing against them in another league. If Totalcampo is looking for a team to beat them in the B division, it would be our pleasure. We don’t like the fact they’re (also) unbeaten!”

Short of a shotgun promotion, however, it looks like the Chacals will have to make due with the C Division competition they’ve got, which does include a whole host of characters huddling in close quarters.

Still, now that things are rolling, there’s nothing wrong with looking ahead.

“We were a bit rusty for the first few games, but from now on I think this is the kind of soccer we will play. I’m sure we’ll become good challengers in the league.”

POTG: With a hat trick against Degens, Jeremi Gagnon-Whissell has now scored multiple goals in three of his first four games to lead a very potent Chacals offence.

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