Red stars
28 Nov

It’s not like Ashton Villa wasn’t a formidable opponent. It’s just that one particularly lethal Red Stars shooter was at his sniping best.

“The opposition was fair,” begins Alexandre Giuliani, following his squad’s 6-4 win against the pre-season champs last week. “But when you have a player who scores five goals in a single game like Joe Di Buono did for us, that made the difference, ultimately.”

The win sets up a really interesting encounter against undefeated Zeus, highlighting just how tough competition has been in the B2 Division thus far. “It’s really a coin toss between Zeus, Ashton Villa, Standa or us for the championship. For us to have a chance to make it, we have to be better defensively, since our offence is already pretty strong.”

POTG: Joe Di Buono’s eleven goals notwithstanding, the Red Stars have also gotten some decent offense out of forwards Yves Bryant Tomani and Karim Benameur.

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